Lee (lostboydv) wrote in rsq_aid_society,

Cleaning friend's headstone and fixing computers

Yesterday I went to see Charlie's grave site up in Ripley, TN. While my sister and I waited for his family who we were meeting there, I cleaned all the grass and dirt off his headstone and took out my pocketknife and removed all the weeds. In addition to the flowers we brought, I also left a candle there that I brought to light while I was visitng, so others who come to see him can light it in his memory as well. 

Then last night, I helped my mom and sister run malware detection programs on their PCs because both were complaining of mysterious ads and junk that were popping up on them now and then.

Today, I'm digging up all my old camcorder vids because I want to provide any footage I have of Charlie for his family.
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