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Welcome! And first good deed...

Welcome to the new Rescue Aid Society community, everyone. Please read this community's profile in full so you know what it's about and what to expect.

We encourage (but do not require) that each member posts at least once a week about some act of kindness or good that you have done. It can be a very small kindness or a very large one. We have no rules about how significant the act must be. Any little thing will do. Even if you catcha spider and set him outside instead of squashing him, that counts.

I'll begin by posting about my first good deed since the founding of this group: I founded this group! :) That's my good deed for today. I hope that by founding this group, I will begin encouraging a wave of kindness to propel out into the world and grow exponentially. Please, folks, tell your friends about this community, and encourage others to join.

My best to all of you new members! Looking forward to the good news from you all.
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