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I helped a biker gang!

OK, they weren't exactly a biker gang. They were about 15 people on bicycles. :)

This weekend, my family went to a little RV park in the mountains where they happen to have wireless internet. On the way there, about 70 miles east of the RV park, we passed a group of cyclists who were obviously outfitted for a long journey. Twenty-four hours later, they pulled into our RV park to camp!

I stepped out of the RV and crossed the gravel road to their campsite where they were beginning to set up tents, and asked where they came from and where they were headed. They'd departed from Savannah, GA two weeks prior, and they were on a 6-week, coast-to-coast, cross-country cycling tour that would end at Santa Monica, CA. They were around the ages of 17-25, and I thought, "How can a bunch of young people like these be away from the internet for 6 weeks??"

So I got my laptop from the RV and came out offering, "Who wants to check their email?" Over the next 45 minutes or so, one by one, the cyclists each took turns sitting at a picnic table with my laptop, catching up with their emails and whatever other business they wanted to. I got to talk to each of them a bit and learn about their journey. I gave one of them my email address, and I hope to see some photos from their trek in about a month.

One of them called me "our hero!" :)

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