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Help out if you can -

Got a plea across the FL - another musician in financial difficulty due to medical issues (and from what very little I know, this has been a chronic issue that has now come to crisis) - an ER visit, a hospital stay...more. And it's not even begun yet.

It's s00j. And if there was a dog that would bite this lady, it hasn't been born yet. We've never met - but I've seen the meetings spread across the list. Everyone who has met her, loves her. Hands down, no question about it.

She's an independent contractor. She works for herself. She has her own business.

She's self-employed. Which, in a nutshell means?

You get sick, you're on your own. CW, and all that.


Go over to saveours00j. See what you can do.

Thanks for listening.
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