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rsq_aid_society's Journal

Rescue Aid Society
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Promoting and sharing news of everyday good deeds.
Every day, we see the worst humanity has to offer when we watch the news. Murders, deceit, assault, corruption assail our attention every day. This society hopes to alleviate a bit of that one-sided story by bringing you news of little moments of GOOD that happen all around us every day.

This community encourages the committing of good deeds and acts of kindness. It does this by encouraging each of its members to post at least one message a week telling about some act of kindness that you have performed for another. It can be something as simple as holding a door for someone carrying too many parcels or something as impactful as talking someone out of suicide. If you rescue an injured animal you find on the highway, you help your neighbor fix his fence, you buy a homeless man a ham sandwich, or you teach your dad how to defragment his hard drive... we want to hear about it.

By encouraging people to post about their little acts of kindness, this community hopes to remind people to keep an eye out int heir daily lives for opportunities to help others and make the world a little bit nicer place. It also hopes to brighten the day of those members who read about these acts of kindness.

You mightt hink, "Wait a second, that's boastful! I don't want to do good things just so i get praised for it!" Well that's very good of you! And everyone is absolutely welcome to click the checkbox to disallow replies to their posts if they want to be sure and avoid praise. But my personal feeling is that people ought to be praised for doing good things for others, just as they should be chastized for doing bad things. Humbleness is a commendable quality, but there's no sin in receiving praise. And if that kind of positive reward stimulus encourages people to do good in the world, I'm all for it.

Now for some history on what led me to make this community, and a few words of advice to follow.

When I was five years old, the Disney film "The Rescuers" was released in theaters. I fell in love with it, and that love stayed with me. Now, as an adult, I was driving to work one day and my mind was wandering. Somehow I got the Rescue Aid Society theme song stuck in my head. Then I got the glimmering of an idea. I saw an opportunity to take some of the values and principles of the fictional mouse-founded Rescue Aid Society into the real world. Their motto was: "Through wind and rain and dark of night, we never fail to do what's right." The founder of their organization was Euripides Mouse, depicted on their society's banner as the mouse who pulled the thorn form the fabled lion's paw.

Now, that having been said, note that I do not want any of you messing with "lions." That is, don't endanger your safety for the purpose of committing a good deed to post about here. If you endanger yourself, you do so at your own risk and of your own volition. I'm not responsible of you do something foolhardy that gets you or someone else injured or killed. This community is about SMALL acts of kindness for the most part.

The line form the film that best sums up our mission is delivered by Rufus the cat: "Two little mice? What can you do?" Applied here, the idea is that even if you are just one or two little people, your small acts of kindness can accomplish great things.

By the way, feel free to post here about taking up collections for charities, but I will delete any posts that request money be contributed on sites that are not clearly official charity sites. Forgive me if this leads to the removal of some genuine charity requests, but I have to be sure to safeguard folks from scam artists. And I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE OUR MEMBERS TO BE CAREFUL OF SCAMS. If someone posts asking you to send them money in the mail, give them your personal or financial information, or go to a website whose address is not something obviously denoting a real charity organization, BE SUSPICIOUS. Don't fall prey to scams. I am not responsible if you do.

OK, with all the warnings out of the way, let's get busy making the world just a little bit better place.